What are Associates Working on Now?

AstroCom Associates have several on-going projects, and are developing solutions for future projects.

Here is a brief description of some of the recent core projects.


LEOGS  (2023)

With funding from the Canadian Space Agency's Space Technology Development Program, AstroCom is leading research and technology development on using communication space assets as alternatives to traditional ground stations. In partnership with Telesat and C-CORE, the team will be exploring possibilities using New-Space systems such as Telesat LightspeedTM.


OUSEI  (2020)

Through the CSA EOADP program, AstroCom is leading application research into providing more robust and transferable iceberg detection tools for SAR. This project is done in partnership with C-CORE and the CIS. Outcomes will include improved algorithms and a standard implementation.


ICE-PMI  (2020)

Astrocom concluded a research study Canada's IDEaS program, to investigate the detection of gravity waves under ice. The study is continuing under the Defence Industrial Reserch Program and will include an on-ice excercise during ICEX 2020.


Bistatic UAS HALE  (2020)

Astrocom is participating in a concept study to design a persistent monitoring system for Canada's north using HALEs and bistatic techniques. Astrocom is working with C-CORE, who is funded by Canada's all-domain situational awareness program (ADSA). The project is in phase 2, and a complete surveillance concept will be presented to DND by Q1 2020.


SARSIM Toolkit  (2019)

Astrocom has developed a sensor planning tool called SARSIM. This tool allows SAR designers to specify mode parameters and evaluate performance and power requirements. Current work is being done to include MTI perormance capabilities, as well as desin of advanced SAR modes and configurations, such at Multi-Aperture for HRWS and Scan-SCORE. Work is funded by Astrocom and through the Defence Inndustrial Research Program.