Message from the CEO

At AstroCom Associates Inc. we aim to solve hard real-world problems with a fundamental understanding of physics.

Our Associates have diverse and complementary backgrounds and expertise to provide the best solutions to our clients.


Michael A. Stott  (President and CEO)

Michael is uniquely qualified in understanding and applying the Laws of Physics to investigate unique and novel radar and communication system technologies. His knowledge of current systems and practices make him an expert at system performance analysis and estimation.


Ronald H. Saper  (VP Engineering)

Ronald has a broad understanding of synthetic aperture radar modes and characteristics, and a strong foundation in radar signal processing and analysis. Past work on advanced deceptive SAR countermeasures and electronic support measures complement more recent experience in SAR system analysis gained while working with Dr Stott of AstroCom. Mr Saper excels in synthesis and design and frequently is able to propose novel approaches that perform well.


Joseph Chamberland  (Principal Associate)

Joseph joined Astrocom as a principle associate in 2018. His background in radar signal processing and past experience in EO application development as VP of Engineering and Director of Operations will add to Astrocom's skillset and solutions.

If you have experience in the space sector and are interested in joining our team, please contact us!

Business Life

As a small firm, each Associate has many skillsets beyond their technical expertise. Business Development, client relationships and finances are also key Associate skillsets.

Beyond Technical, professional and educational diversity, Associates practice and encourage strong work-life balance. This life diversity is what helps us provide complete solutions to our clients.

History of our company

AstroCom Associates was founded in 1993 by a group of space sector professionals looking for a different way to contribute to tech development. The goals of solving complex real-world problems, while maintaining a work-life balance has always been central to what we do.

The current Associates are technical experts, but also well-rounded and have many other interest. This diversity is our strength.