Where are our Associates?

AstroCom Associates are very involved in building relationships and learning new skills.

You may have seen some of our associates at the following events!


2022 CSRS  (July 2022)

From July 12-14 2022, Joseph represented AstroCom Associates at the 43rd annual Canadian Symposium on remote Sensing in Québec City. His presentation describing some of Astroom's recent work solving operational issues in iceberg monitoring was well attended and received.


Climate Change Workshop  (December 2019)

December 11-12, 2019, Ron attended the CSA hosted Climate Change Impact and Ecosystem Resilience Workshop. He presented an overview of AstroCom's newest project OUSEI, which aims to improve iceberg detection using space-based SAR. Many partners and clients were present during this workshop, which provided us with opportunities for future collaboration and also a peak into current client priorities.


Global Connection Days: Germany and Brazil  (October 2019)

October 17-18, 2019, both Ron and Joseph attended the Global Connection Days hosted by the CSA at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in Saint_Hubert Québec. Both gave a presentation to each delegation about AsrtoCom capabilities and recent projects. We were also able to catch up with Canadian businesses in the space sector!


ASAR Workshop  (October 2019)

From October 1 to 3, 2019, Joseph attended the Advanced SAR workshop at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in Saint_Hubert Québec. He presented on three separate AstroCom projects. The topics varied from advanced InSAR application development to new SAR mode design considerations. Canada's know how with radar is expanding and a lot of new applications are emerging!


National EO Forum  (November 2018)

From November 20-22 2018, Ron and Joseph attended the Canadian Space Agencies National Forum on Earth Observation at the John H. Chapman Space Center in St. Hubert Québec. It was important to learn how Astrocom Associates now fit into Canada's future space direction, and to have our voice heard! The CSA team did a great job in developing new programs for SME's, Astrocom hopes to take advantage in the near future!.


Phi Week  (November 2018)

From November 12-16 2018, Joseph was in Frascatti, Italy at the European Space Agency's Center for Earth Observation attending phi week. The week was filled with interesting discussions and exchanges about new SmallSat EO satellite missions, including new, small SAR satellites! New approaches for data exploitation were also a hot topic like AI, Deep Learning and Blockchain! Definitely a lot going on in Space these days!