Corporate Overview

AstroCom Associates Inc. is a consulting firm with head office in Ottawa, Ontario. We provides services to clients in the telecommunications, Earth Observation and Aerospace industries. Our independence from particular interests ensures objective and impartial advice and reporting.

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Areas of Expertise


RF System Design and Specifications

AstroCom Associates have been involved in several diverse RF design projects. These include developing RF receivers and antennas for radar systems at multiplie frequencies.


Earth Observation Application Development

AstroCom Associates are experienced in defining, developing and delivering new application to clients. EO expertise includes experience with space-based data for weather and risk management, as well as applying advanced techniqeus such as InSAR.


Radar Signal Processing

AstroCom Associates are very experienced in understanding radar data of all forms. This experience includes processing of tracking data, SAR processing and many other advanced analysis techniques.

We Tackle Complex Problems

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