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Corporate Profile

The headquarters of AstroCom Associates Inc. is located in Canada's National Capital Region, with representatives located in Moncton, N.B., Vancouver, B.C., Washington, D.C., and France. We are able to give prompt and effective service to our clients worldwide.

The President of the company along with twenty other Associates, have a wide ranging experience in:

  • satellite communications - fixed, mobile and broadcasting, including wide band Ka and V band systems;
  • spectrum management and frequency allocation - nationally and internationally;
  • radiowave propagation - ionospheric and tropospheric;
  • satellite-aided search and rescue;
  • ground and space based radar;
  • the design of satellite communications systems, mobile data communications systems, military strategic and tactical voice and data communication systems;
  • satellite ground station design;
  • wide band terrestrial systems;
  • modulation and coding and communication theory, including robust coding and modulation for satellite and mobile systems; and
  • database and graphic computer tools, system simulation and software development.

The company can also provide coordination between industry and federal government facilities and departments to support specialized services and testing (for example, at the David Florida Laboratory of the Canadian Space Agency or the Communications Research Centre of Industry Canada). We are also able to provide assistance in submissions for industrial and user development support or for utilization of the frequency spectrum, and carry out system studies on behalf of clients.


Last updated May 20, 2011