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Professional Experience

a) Policy and Planning Studies

  • international issues relating to space and telecommunications
  • developing, coordinating and promoting strategic plans for long term space R&D initiatives and funding
  • impact of policy and regulatory decisions
  • industrial, economic and social benefit studies
  • university/industry/government liaison

b) Satellite Systems

  • satellite communications systems studies
  • satellite broadcasting
  • needs studies relating to small satellites
  • synthetic aperture radar; remote sensing
  • spectrum management including frequency allocation and orbital allotment
  • space system notification and coordination
  • transportable and mobile satellite ground terminals

c) Communications Systems

  • communication theory
  • modulation and coding for satellite communications
  • communication system and module simulation using computer based tools
  • TCP/IP networking, voice over IP, public key encryption
  • ionospheric and tropospheric radiowave propagation
  • aeronautical, maritime and land mobile satellite comm. system design
  • military communications

d) Miscellaneous Studies

  • patent review and infingement assessment
  • development of numerical simulation programs for missile performance evaluation
  • studies of future missile limitation agreements and practical inspection
  • provisions
  • an assessment of a wide variety of Iraqi missile programs

e) Technical Support

  • spacecraft assembly, integration and test
  • conducting wireless communications propagation and system tests
  • development of modular spectrum monitoring systems
  • development, calibration and testing of direction-finding antennas
  • design and testing of high-speed digital and analog circuitry
  • writing of technical documents, training material and marketing products
  • electronic material procurement and management
  • development of database and graphics tools
  • computer operations, software development, DSP coding

In addition, we can assist in carrying out feasibility studies in the above areas and in preparing submissions to government for policy or financial support.


Last updated July 29, 2010